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We caught up with ‘Loukman Ali’ a talented pencil artist out of Uganda, he tells when it all began, length of time it takes to complete the finished piece and much more.

When did you first realise that you had a talent for drawing?

About 9 years ago.. at first I thought could do it, until when I was about 16years old..

What has been the most significant piece that you have ever drawn and why?

About 3 years a go I did a drawing of the pope I sold it for $600, it became very popular piece which many people bought.

Your latest sketching of the ‘car’ you mentioned it took 5 hours what is the longest amount of time you have spent on a drawing?

12 hour is the longest and that was when i was drawing one of the robots in the movie transformers (bambobee)…the second the drawing of dr octopus which also most took me 10 hours to finish.

Where does your inspiration come from when drawing?

The beauty and complexity of things … i love drawing complex images

Being an artist in Uganda, do you feel your work is well received and appreciated by those around you?

HELL no …drawings are not a very big deal in Uganda ,maybe digital work and video.

Some of your drawing combines elements of moving objects giving an added effect, how did you come up with this concept?

I love mixing line work with live action footage…I always wanted to do some thing new, so when I watched the movie lonelitoons it got me thinking how I can make the same effect ,but in my own style.

When you are not drawing, what do you enjoy doing with your time?

I love watching movies and jazzing with friends

Loukman  has also built up celebrity portrait profile, and drawn the likes of President Obama, Wentworth Miller (starred in prison break) and Singer Tony Braxton

For further information or enquiries please contact Loukman via

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1639457582&ref=ts

Or his Email : loukmanli@yahoo.com



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  • julio wrote:

    good work

    1630 days ago
  • ignitius wrote:

    @ julio this is not just good work ..its brilliant ..i cant believe its done by a ugandan…dude your amazing

    1630 days ago
  • sharon wrote:


    1630 days ago
  • Rob D. Lang wrote:

    When drawing shading the most important thing is to understand about that its all about pressure – the pressure of the pencil the pressure of your hand all the gradual and subtle pressure in between. Drawing shading is not about scribbling but in the beginning it might be a good idea to run your pencil across the paper in a crazy irrational way.

    1630 days ago
  • James Ola wrote:

    This is great!

    1630 days ago

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